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Sleep Easy Routine with Lothian Lavender

Immerse your senses in a Sleep Ritual to benefit your health, body and mind. Our collection of lavender products are a lovely addition to your night time routine. Here's a little sample of what you might enjoy...

Start with a few spritzes of our calming PILLOW MIST across your room and your bed linen to set the mood for the evening.

Light a candle safely by your bath to fill the bathroom with the coastal scent of rock salt and driftwood in our COAST candle. Let the seaside scent fill the room before putting out the flame.

Run a warm bath and sprinkle our farm grown botanicals across the top added with a few drops of our silky BATH & BODY OIL to ease tired muscles at the end of a stressful day.

RELAX and settle back in the warm water listening to soothing music on the air. Reach for our botanical cold pressed SOAP to lather up.

When you are finished, add a few drops of our BATH & BODY OIL to your wet skin and let it soak in before towelling dry.

Get cosy in your warm pyjamas and sooth your feet in our Lavender and Peppermint FOOTCREAM.

Finish off with our chamomile and lavender BODY BALM or one of our botanical HAND CREAMS to moisturise dry skin overnight (our Lavender & Geranium Hand cream is a lovely choice). Rest back and dream of lovely things, content in the knowledge tomorrow is another day.


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