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Welcome to our lavender garden …

What a summer it has been, and continues to be, here at our little lavender garden in East Lothian Scotland . A fall of snow in late spring set us back a week or two behind in our lavender growing season but the recent hot weather has meant our lavender is fast catching up once again. As we near harvest time, it is time to reflect on all that’s been happening here this year so far..

At the end of last year we reflected on the amount of work needed to keep our field running so we made a decision as a family to downscale and to move the lavender growing operations this spring into our home garden . This gave us the advantage of being able to tend to the lavender and have our children by my side whilst doing so . It has been a great success. The kids have been getting more involved with helping me in the garden…potting on the baby plants, planting, weeding and harvesting our herbs. I have absolutely loved watching them flourish and grow in the outdoors and look forward to the future now with them by my side helping me in my lavender garden.

We have had a wonderful time opening our newly planted lavender garden for Scotland’s Garden Scheme in aid of some lovely charities. Our garden did us proud as did the glorious weather !! A huge thanks to all those that visited and we hope we will do it all again!!

But for now, the next stage is to bring our harvest in to our lovely still and get distilling some unique lavender oils! Unique, as they will be single origin with just one plant variety distilled at a time. Distilled in an artisan way with great care and attention to detail to get the most out of our precious plants. Our plants are hand harvested and beautifully natural in that no pesticides are used on them (just good old hand weeding as and when needed. )

So until next time, enjoy your garden and look out for our next blog post where we hope to show you more behind the scenes of all our lovely harvest coming in to be distilled. Sue x


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