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Harvest 2020

The harvest is finally complete! and in between juggling being a mummy and making lots of lavender gifts to go into our new shops, I managed to bring in this years crop from our paddock. A huge thank you to all my family for their continued support helping me run my lavender business. 💕💕

The rows have had a hard few years as I have not been weeding as much as I would have liked. But lavender is hardy & wonderfully resilient and amongst the tall grasses I had the joy of finding lavender plants fighting to stay alive and even giving me a few flowers too.

Luckily for us oil distilling was onsite for the first time this year as we had purchased our brand new still earlier in the year. We have still to name him but he did a lovely job. The sheds are smelling gorgeous just now as the rest of the crop is hanging up to dry.

Here‘s to many more years ahead of bigger and better crops from our homegrown Scottish lavender. X


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