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It’s the season…

We love this time of year on the farm, when the summer harvest is complete and the autumn snap turns the farm into a beautiful myriad of autumnal colours.

The weather changes from warm to cold and our skin has to navigate a daily dry skin battle.. .

Welcome our hand creams to your skincare routine!!

The aromas are unique with our special blend of our homegrown essential oil in each jar alongside other complimentary essential oils. We take our time to grow, harvest and distil our Scottish Lavender into pure essential oils for exclusive use in our skincare.

You can choose lavender for a relaxing soothing treat, lavender & lemongrass for an awakening blend or calming lavender & geranium to lift your mood.

And for tired feet choose our peppermint & lavender footcreams.

Feeling too awake?!... then our lavender essential oil pillow mists are definitely your go to by your bed. A wee spray before bedtime and breathe the calming scent of summer all winter long.

Go on spread the word and let all your friends know about our unique Scottish lavender gifts . We promise they will love them too x

Photo credits @edinburghhoneyco.


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