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A Walk Around the Lavender Field

Lothian Lavender is currently the only lavender grower in Scotland. Throughout 2016 and 2017, approximately 1000 lavender plants will be planted in total across a small paddock on the family farm.

The original lavender field supporting the business was located 11 miles away outside North Berwick, where the land was nearer sea level and the weather was kinder in general. After a trial plot was created in the veggie garden, I chose 'Grosso' to be the main crop in the new field on the family farm.

Alongside the field the wildlife is spectacular to watch. There are deer, hares, bats, barn owls, swallows, garden birds and the resident chickens and cat!

The lavender field is a true place of peacefulness, with views out across the East Lothian countryside and beyond to Fife on a good day!

I look forward to the plants maturing over the coming years providing a truly spectacular and unique lavender experience.

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