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Spotlight on Lothian Lavender's Vintage Tractor

Lothian Lavender is currently the only lavender grower in Scotland. My family farm is a haven for wildlife with hares, deer, barn owls and bats a regular site around the woods, farm steading and fields.

Two years ago when my husband decided it was time to indulge in his lifetime passion for old tractors and purchase his first, I was excited at the possibility of using his vintage tractor to create the lavender field of my dreams. Small wheels and a tighter turning circle than bigger heavier machines he had in the yard meant this little tractor had an overwhelming advantage over the more modern machines.

For the last two years, we have used 'Brummm' to ridge up the lavender field after the big machines have ploughed and prepared the ground. This year we look forward to bringing in the first harvest from our plants in the field and I am sure 'Brummm' will be ready and waiting to fill his newly renovated trailer with bundles of our gorgeous home grown lavender.

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