A crawling baby leads to disaster!!... and our new HAND CREAM makes it onto the shop shelves...

So we have the wonderful fun of a crawling 1 year old in our house at the moment and along with this comes teething and a head cold! Joy of joys if it doesn't rain it pours. And talking of pours... i turned my back for one second and found her emptying a can of juice on our sofa!.. Today was spent with eyes planted firmly at the back of our head whilst navigating the endless joys of a 1 year old that has decided they can move and NOT stay in the one place you left them. ( I am sure all you mums out there are nodding and saying 'I told you so!' )

Well along with our littlest member turning one we have the great joy of actually bringing to our VERY Patient and LOYAL followers a new HAND CREAM. Blended by our fair hands in small batches, these hand creams contain pure essential oils and are the nicest to feel. We have chosen 'Lavender & Lemongrass' as our first scent and who knows if they are popular we may look at other lovely scents...so you better get buying!! ( Just kidding, but if you do decide to buy one please let us know your thoughts )

Until next time,

Sue x

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