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What a year it's been! ...

So I don't know where this year has gone and what a year it has been .. memorable for all the loveliest of reasons... our second child was born in April. This meant of course that towards the end of last summer there was no going near the lavender for me (dangerous to touch lavender at this stage in pregnancy) so 2018 harvest was all brought in by my wonderful husband and his lovely family.

This spring and summer has been so wet and despite friends and family's best efforts the weeds took hold more than we would have liked in the lavender rows. But despite the weeds, weather and my total lack of time getting to do much of anything up at the field the lavender has not only survived but looks to be a decent harvest for 2019. I give all my love and gratitude to my friends and family for all their support through such an up and down year. Thank you. x


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