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Luxury lavender gifts from home grown Scottish lavender.
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We are Scottish lavender growers. Our family farm is nestled at the foot of the Lammermuir Hills in East Lothian.

We hand pour each candle on the kitchen table, we blend our hand creams with the finest essential oils and we grow the lavender that goes into our dried lavender gifts and soaps.  

Our lavender is planted, weeded, harvested and dried by hand in the traditional way with no chemicals in contact with our plants.  We work with the surrounding woodland and our rows of lavender are teeming with nature from butterflies and bees, to frogs, deer and hares (and the occassional sighting of our cat when she wanders up with me to do the weeding!)

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"Lavender products for your home, body and soul."

Luxury lavender gifts handmade in Scotland

My current range of dried lavender sachets and bags make great gifts.  Customers have hung them in their cars & wardrobes, popped them in their suitcase when travelling and given them to their kids during exams to help them sleep & relax. 


I choose modern popular fragrances alongside my personally created lavender blends. I love seeing them taking pride of place in my customers homes.


All of our body care products are made using the finest essential oils and are not tested on animals.

Our soaps have the added bonus of a sprinkle of our home grown lavender topping each bar.


  'We are Scottish Lavender Growers, growing flowers to use in our own dried lavender gifts.
'Lothian Lavender' started out in 2010, when I began making hand embroidered lavender bags on my kitchen table using lavender grown in my garden.  These little refillable bags were so popular that I planted a field of lavender nearby to keep up with my customers' demand for them!


My lavender business has literally grown from there. Over the next four years my range of dried lavender gifts evolved and they began to appear in local shops and craft fairs.

On marrying my husband Grant a local farmer we moved our mature lavender plants to his family farm and we have been adding new plants to these each year since.  Our newly established field is for our private enjoyment as well as for growing the lavender I use in my dried lavender sachets and lavender bags.  The field is open to the sunshine but buffered by our surrounding woodlands, making it an ideal situation for growing lavender and it has some spectacular views across the East Lothian countryside and way across to Fife!  


Over the years I have had the great enjoyment of making some lifelong friends in fellow artisan makers.  Jill has been making our lavender soaps for many years now from her shop 'Planet Soap' in Crieff.

Our online store is open during our flowering season and of course you can find our gifts in some lovely shops across Scotland the rest of the year. 

Enjoy my website and follow our journey...

                                                                          Sue x





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